100 Anni

As I popped in to Walmart late one night recently, I never expected I’d leave there with a new friend. 

I was asking a sales associate for help, when this older customer wandered over to me an struck up a conversation and didn’t want to let me go. She brought up the fact that she was Italian, no Sicilian actually, and started retelling me stories of growing up in an Italian family. Interested, I asked her what brought her to Ventura, California and more about her life. She had a firecracker personality, sharp wit, still very agile and lucid and was determined not to slow down. Which is why she drove herself to Walmart at 8 o’clock that night.

She then encouraged me to guess her age. I couldn’t believe it when she said ONE HUNDRED! 100 years old and still driving, but what’s more shocking is she’s self-sufficient physically and mentally carrying on interesting conversations and shopping for herself and by herself at Walmart.

Not believing her, she then proceeded to whip out her CA drivers license to prove to me her real age and sure enough, she had just turned 100 in April. We exchanged numbers and she posed for a picture right in front of the clothing aisle! Teresa Piano, the coolest Italian centennial nonna I’ve ever met, that said her secret is “not taking shit from anyone and eating anything you want”!

I’m really happy to have met a living legend and would like to pick her brain one day and hear more stories on what it was like being born in 1917 and growing up during the 30’s in an Italian family.

For those of you who don’t know the origins of the sign she’s giving, it means cornuta (which also has another meaning which we won’t get into) “horns or malocchio “evil eye”  which when flashed is a superstitious gesture to ward off bad luck.

A Breakfast date.. in one of the best cafe in Ventura

So long after our last post… work trips and training away form California, for me, kept me busy enough not to put together enough ideas to write a post. I honestly apologize with all our followers for idling for so long but we have some news coming.

Anyway.. yesterday I flew in LAX after almost 20 days away from home and, after a really intense and restorative sleep, this morning I had the pleasure to meet with Meghan and enjoy a nice breakfast in the place we had, long time back, our first “morning date”.
If will ever happen to be around Ventura CA in the morning , You have to stop at Eggs ‘n’ Things! Continue reading “A Breakfast date.. in one of the best cafe in Ventura”

Happy thanksgiving!


Yesterday was Thanksgiving, famous and well known holiday in the United States.
My knowledge of this national appointment was (and partially it is still) limited to movies, friend’s stories and general concepts about the Turkey day, as seen from abroad.

This year has been the first time I had the chance to spend it with close friends and family. No matter what, it became a mission to catch a plane from Denver due Los Angeles to reach Meghan even just for 36 hours and participate to the never ending feast.

Definitely touched by the numerous invites we received from family and different friends, the only thing I wanted at a certain point was to be able to divide myself and attend every single one of the different party to demonstrate all my gratefulness for being finally integrated in this new country. Ubiquity isn’t one of my quality .. ouch!

In the meantime, even if little late, happy thanksgiving to all of you I Live Italian followers! We are every day grateful to have you!

Meghan and Alessandro


1000-1This morning leaving New Orleans, LA  I checked the website and I clicked on statistics…

My heart pounded since I got caught unprepared when my eyes stopped for a second on a number … 1000.

1000 visit in less than a month we opened the blog?? That was totally unexpected! We started this blog as a fun project to share but, never I thought we could have achieved this little personal success that early.

Maybe we cheated a little since only our moms, extremely proud of this blog, probably clicked 400 times.

But seeing that 1000 rounded number gave me chills.

Thank You to everyone who decided to give up few minute of their day to read our posts, liked the FaceBook page and subscribed to the Instagram feed.
We have more and more contents incoming for your curiosity and enjoyment.

But now celebration is over.. 1019 views, next appointment 10000 clicks!

Welcome on board


So I’ve finally carved out some time to sit down and write my first blog post amid busy summer flying schedules these past three months. Between Belize, Cancun, Kauai, New York, Portland and everything in between, I’m making the time to post. I love to unwind by getting lost in the blog world and thought why not contribute, and have my own little corner on the internet.

After having friends and family through the years ask me for Italian vacation tips and gladly exchanging stories and suggestions on visiting Italy (I lived there for 2 years) and truly loving the chance to engage and expound on all things Italian I figured why not blog about the Italian lifestyle. I found it to be so glamorous, alive, colorful, flavorful, romantic, beautiful and amazingly old, at the same time.

Living in Italy changed my life and I developed a great love for Italian food, fashion, and everything “Made in Italy” and don’t forget, the heart and soul of it all, the family. It has enhanced my American life immensely, as I’ve adopted many great traditions and made them my own.

Being an airline crew member, I get to spend a lot of my free time traveling, and I look forward to sharing more about my experiences along the way with my aircraft-right -hand man and crew-mate Alessandro (who comes from the land I love). We can’t wait to bring a little bit of Italy to you and show a glimpse in the life of our frenetic yet exhilarating life on the road with endless possibilities and discoveries around every corner.

Come back, check us out and leave comments folks!

Ciao for now