Friday Favorites # 15

We’re back on the blog after taking time off to be with Alessandro’s parents who were visiting us from Italy! We ate lots of homemade Italian food (thanks Mamma Lella!), walked around the marina and canals close to our home, went to the beach and enjoyed their company.

Fun– Hiked this short but intense Chumash Trail with my Dad. It’s just two hours round trip at a steep incline. Best part was climbing th American flag at the peak overlooking Point Mugu Navy base.

Family– Funny times between foreign families! Italian parents meeting the American ones with two translators in the middle to go back and forth!

Find– We made one of our favorite pictures of us walking the Brooklyn Bridge into a metal print to hang on the wall. Shutterfly did a nice job and this option is a nice sleek alternative to a traditional framed photo. They are offering 50% off right now with code word SUMMERTIME.

Friday Favorites # 14

Find–  Bought longboards at Play it Again Sports to surf the sidewalks and cruise around the channels near our house

Fun– First Dodger game of the season and first live baseball game for Alessandro!

Friday Night Fireworks– Beautiful fireworks after the Dodger win!

Foto– Hiking around with my crew and capturing the big skies of Montana


Have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites # 13

Hi everyone, I am back again with my new series I share every week with all of you. We are on episode #13 and these are my top picks of the week in the F category … F like … Friday. Food, Foto, Fun, Fashion, Ferry, Find.


Fun- Celebrating international yoga day and summer solstice outside at our new favorite daily yoga spot at the beach, Yoga by the Sea. You couldn’t have a better setting with bunnies hoping around, and palms swaying overhead while you reflect and stretch. Check out for free local yoga in your area.


Flick- Just watched Wizard of Lies which came out in May on HBO about the Bernie Madoff scandal/largest Ponzi scheme ever pulled off in America. Robert de Niro is uncannily mistaken for Madoff himself and Michelle Pfeiffer nails Ruth Madoff’s thick Queen’s accent. I just had Pfeiffer on a flight recently and she is still so youthful and beautiful and much different from the older Mrs. Madoff she played on screen.

Food- It’s cherry season! There are cherry stands popping up everywhere from farmstands to people selling them out of their truck roadside and this deep-dish pie from FOOD52 caught my eye. This Pistachio, Cherry and Chocolate Tart also looks good.

Find- This article about the Woman who made Anthony Bourdain a t.v. star was interesting especially since I just read his best-selling book Kitchen Confidential : Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly. He leaves no gaps in your imagination as he details the good, the bad, and the ugly of serving people and running a kitchen.  I have to say I have so much respect for the people in the restaurant and food industry especially now that the general public demands so much more, thanks to the foodie-culture and fine dining and critiquing that became everyone’s full-time hobbies, seemingly overnight.


100 Anni

As I popped in to Walmart late one night recently, I never expected I’d leave there with a new friend. 

I was asking a sales associate for help, when this older customer wandered over to me an struck up a conversation and didn’t want to let me go. She brought up the fact that she was Italian, no Sicilian actually, and started retelling me stories of growing up in an Italian family. Interested, I asked her what brought her to Ventura, California and more about her life. She had a firecracker personality, sharp wit, still very agile and lucid and was determined not to slow down. Which is why she drove herself to Walmart at 8 o’clock that night.

She then encouraged me to guess her age. I couldn’t believe it when she said ONE HUNDRED! 100 years old and still driving, but what’s more shocking is she’s self-sufficient physically and mentally carrying on interesting conversations and shopping for herself and by herself at Walmart.

Not believing her, she then proceeded to whip out her CA drivers license to prove to me her real age and sure enough, she had just turned 100 in April. We exchanged numbers and she posed for a picture right in front of the clothing aisle! Teresa Piano, the coolest Italian centennial nonna I’ve ever met, that said her secret is “not taking shit from anyone and eating anything you want”!

I’m really happy to have met a living legend and would like to pick her brain one day and hear more stories on what it was like being born in 1917 and growing up during the 30’s in an Italian family.

For those of you who don’t know the origins of the sign she’s giving, it means cornuta (which also has another meaning which we won’t get into) “horns or malocchio “evil eye”  which when flashed is a superstitious gesture to ward off bad luck.

Friday Favorites # 12

Hi everyone, I am back again with my new series I share every week with all of you. We are on episode #12 and these are my top picks of the week in the F category … F like … Friday. Food, Foto, Fun, Fashion, Ferry, Find.

FOTO/VIDEO– I can’t get over this beautiful  time-lapse video of Rome! 

*It makes me home-sick for my former home in Rome.

FUN– A day without June gloom and partial sunshine calls for a picnic at the beach.

FIND– New project making curtains. It reminds me of how much I used to like making things with the sewing machine.

FOODThis recipe is a great antioxidant tea accompaniment that can keep well in the fridge for a week. It’s perfect as is with hot water and a little lemon and honey or added to any tea for a spicy kick.

Wine, Food and Music

Are you into wine (the good wine I’m talking about), food and music?
Then this event is just for you!

From Friday April 28th to Friday September 29th every last Friday of the month.
Events start at 6pm and end at 9pm. Food and music available 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Strey Cellars and Magnavino; both excellent winemakers in Oxnard CA, will join their effort to entertain you with a food  truck located between their tasting rooms, two bands and obviously good wine.

<<I Live Italian knows personally the Strey Cellars owners and every wine out of their list is fabulous, many thanks to Katie and Scott for having informed of this event, will be there!>>

What (is boiling in the pot)?
Every event will be characterized by a different food theme. All of them indicated into the flyer.

Everything will happen in the space between the two tasting rooms located at 951 and 961 North Rice Ave, Oxnard, CA 93030.


Looking forward to seeing some of I Live Italian’s followers and friends with a nice glass of wine in a hand!!

And as usual, comment and let us know yours about it!

Let’s have some Beer in LA!

Beer? Who doesn’t enjoy some??

Lately I’ve seen a drastic increase in real connoisseurs of the so-called “pilot’s juice”. From blond to amber to IPAs to hefeweisen to stouts there’s color and taste for every mouth at fairly accessible prices all over the places.

And for all of you into beer tasting or willing to have fun in LA, we want to point out this event in Los Angeles: THE LOS ANGELES BEER FESTIVAL.

The venue will be LA Center Studios on Saturday April 8th. The organization setup two different sessions:

  • Session 1 from Noon to 3pm
  • Session 2 from 5pm to 8pm

Here below the EVENT INFO you’ll find on the main site:

The 9th annual LA Beer Festival will feature over 200 beers, 80 breweries, food trucks, Power 106 DJ Truck, live music, dueling piano bar, and much more! The event will take place at LA Center Studios from noon to 3pm and 5pm to 8pm. Admission is $45 for General Admission and $80 for Connoisseurs, which includes access to private restrooms and a VIP lounge with an indoor/outdoor event dock overlooking the event as well as limited beers/ one-offs not available to general attendees. All tickets include beer with food sold separately.

For more info check the event website: LA Beer Fest 2017

See you there!

An oven in your luggage?

As a traveling crew member, one of the biggest discomforts is when you plan to eat healthy food on your 2 or 3 consecutive layovers and after cooking, boxing, freezing and packing, you get to a hotel which does not provide a microwave in the room.

Actually, what I was thinking actually happens quite frequently. Meghan as well, sometimes finds herself in the same situation and all the good proposals to be considerate about quality and food costs on overnights are threatened by the unavailability of a microwave.

Looking around and searching, one colleague of mine just showed me this amazing tool which soon will be sitting into my food bag: HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Oven



This portable food warmer or carriable oven is very compact and collapsable so it can be placed in the luggage or the lunch bag without taking too much space.

It’s enough to connect the plug, put your food container inside and warm it up with no problems at all. Hard to believe (haven’t tried but only read about) you can even cook a nice piece of chicken without stove at all!

The way it works is genius: the little bag has an aluminum lining to keep the internal temperature and the hot plate warms up your glass or plastic container, not too intensely, which allows the food to defrost, warmup and not get soggy or burnt. Hot logic mentions that you can let it run for hours and the food will be ready anytime and not spoiled.

The black version is always perfect, but Amazon has different colors available: blue, orange, yellow, purple and pink. Also available is the car adapter to use it literally on the go. The whole personal oven collapses and can be placed into any purse, lunch bag or travel bag.

The price of this device is 35,95$ and really can save you a lot on money for your lunches!

Definitely a life changer for travelers like us!




Heres a a video dedicated to my colleagues and friends flight attendants

Non ordinary afternoon in Malibu

Yesterday in South Bay Los Angeles there was no indication of being in December and more precisely 28 December.. With an awesome temperature of 74 degrees at 1:30 pm, clear skies and amazingly calm low tided ocean, the temptation of chilling and relaxing on the beach with maybe.. and I say maybe.. the chance to play beach volley or tennis was definitely around the corner.

Leaving every option open we started with a good breakfast in El Segundo at Good Stuff, definitely a place to try for a successful brekky time if you’re around.
Now it’s almost 12 pm… what should we do the rest of the day?
Once again the big dilemma since today it’s the only full day we’re able to spend together for the next 2 weeks at least.

Meghan suggested something unexpected and non ordinary: Continue reading “Non ordinary afternoon in Malibu”

Paking for 2 weeks in a 22″ carry-on

The day has come, training is at the door and the usual painful long-term packing is the Sword of Damocles hanging over my head.

Yes it’s true, we travel a lot and, based on local weather, we are masters of packing for an average of 3 to 4 days away form home but now the deal is different… with the coincidence of Thanksgiving Weekend next week I won’t be able to catch a plane and come back home so I had to squeeze that little amount of gray matter remaining after so much studying and plan accordingly… What do I have to pack now? Should I use a checked bag? And the weather? Continue reading “Paking for 2 weeks in a 22″ carry-on”