first-timer in New York: top things to see & do with 4 days in the “Big Apple”

If you’ve never been to New York City it can be quite an intimidating place. You’d probably want to map it out and see what you’d like to hit the days you’ll be there since there’s so many things to do and see. Here are some tips and some direction if you have just three or four nights like we did.

If you can bear the weather, go during wintertime and you’re likely to save significantly as hotels are much cheaper during the week and during the winter months. We stayed at Park Central Hotel and were really pleased. Continue reading “first-timer in New York: top things to see & do with 4 days in the “Big Apple””

Day trip to… Hawaii

One day and half, one and half day only available in Hawai’i and more precisely in Maui. Maui it’s quite big of an island and today adventure takes us on the north west side of the little dot in the Pacific.  Continue reading “Day trip to… Hawaii”

Moto-Meeting “della Befana” in Milano

La Befanaor the “good witch”, is an old woman who flies the skies on her broom and delivers gifts and candy to children (or coal if you’re bad) on Epiphany Eve and, in the old Italian folklore, is celebrated on January the 6th.

Every year in Milano (Italy) Il motoraduno della befana is a must to go appointment for all the bikers in town, this year it was the meeting number 50.
50 years of uninterrupted tradition of thousands bikes of any kind: from street bike to track bike to dirt bike to Harley and so on, acting like a snake through some street of Milano with two main destinations in sequence Continue reading “Moto-Meeting “della Befana” in Milano”

Music City

I am in love with Nashville!

It is an iconic place that I’ve always wanted to visit and it lived up to its expectations.
There is a wonderful buzz going on there, with the omni-present music industry (everyone is somehow connected) and newly emerging food scene, with new hot restaurants popping up all the time.  It’s truly an exciting place with great energy and musical vibes everywhere you go.

Continue reading “Music City”

New year seen from across the globe

New Year’s Eve has come and incredibly another year has elapsed.
2016 brought many changes in our personal lives, at work with the new plane I’ll have to fly, new projects and novelties like the opening of I Live Italian. On the subject I’d like to thank personally all our friends and the occasional visitors who made this idea to come to life and live in these lasts 5 months.

2017 is at the door here in the United States, already stepped in for some countries, and we couldn’t miss the chance to say few words today, the last words of 2016!

I’ve noticed that TV channels, on the footprint of last year and the year before, are broadcasting images from Tokyo and Sydney stepping through Rome, Paris, Munich and London until in few hours the main attraction will be the New York Ball Drop crowned with few others cities celebration until our Los Angeles.

I’d like to bring to you, instead, the beauty of an Italian city during holiday time witnessed by my brother Andrea and his girlfriend Melania just few hours ago (we miss you from this side of the world and we can’t wait to spend more time with you!) 

For the occasion they decided to go for the midnight New Year’s Eve celebration on the lake in Como, a relatively small city overlooking the homonym lake and surrounded by a crown of mountains creating an unrivaled “green walls” valley effect.

I’ve been there many times and in different occasion but I’ve never had the chance to see anything like what the city setup this year.
I don’t think that my boring words can explain what the pictures here below will pass through.
Starting from the Duomo (cathedral of Como) completely outlined with lights and projected sacred images


To the decorations every building in downtown on the lakefront was showing to the pedestrians with a complete light up shape and with images projected creating an amazing effects.

Last but not least the astonishing fireworks show on the lake which, I’d say, never gets old!

I hope all the above has left positive emotions and a desire, maybe one of the incoming years, to escape the well known usual places and to visit one of hundreds cities like this one of Italy, my homeland, rich with little pearls ready there to be discovered.
With these pictures I Live Italian want to wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR!
We will see you next year … the 2017!

Alessandro and Meghan


Non ordinary afternoon in Malibu

Yesterday in South Bay Los Angeles there was no indication of being in December and more precisely 28 December.. With an awesome temperature of 74 degrees at 1:30 pm, clear skies and amazingly calm low tided ocean, the temptation of chilling and relaxing on the beach with maybe.. and I say maybe.. the chance to play beach volley or tennis was definitely around the corner.

Leaving every option open we started with a good breakfast in El Segundo at Good Stuff, definitely a place to try for a successful brekky time if you’re around.
Now it’s almost 12 pm… what should we do the rest of the day?
Once again the big dilemma since today it’s the only full day we’re able to spend together for the next 2 weeks at least.

Meghan suggested something unexpected and non ordinary: Continue reading “Non ordinary afternoon in Malibu”

Paking for 2 weeks in a 22″ carry-on

The day has come, training is at the door and the usual painful long-term packing is the Sword of Damocles hanging over my head.

Yes it’s true, we travel a lot and, based on local weather, we are masters of packing for an average of 3 to 4 days away form home but now the deal is different… with the coincidence of Thanksgiving Weekend next week I won’t be able to catch a plane and come back home so I had to squeeze that little amount of gray matter remaining after so much studying and plan accordingly… What do I have to pack now? Should I use a checked bag? And the weather? Continue reading “Paking for 2 weeks in a 22″ carry-on”

2 Happy Campers

The idea of camping for some can be thought of as a hard-earned vacation, or not a vacation at all.

Roughing it, i.e. not “glamping” in my opinion is more fun because you get to experience nature in a totally different way.  Gathering wood to make a fire and babying it, as it’s your main source of heat and light for entire night, finding the perfect stick to roast hot dogs or marshmallows, digging a hole in the shade to store your beer to keep chilled during the night, and so on. I love how resourceful you suddenly become with limited tools while out in the woods and how you can re-purpose anything.

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One dollar sunset

img_0707Back from our definitely needed vacation, we still had one more day left before the unforgiving jaws of the non stopping crew life brought us back to reality. One more day to rest and chill before a long stretch of subsequent takeoffs and landings would have attempted to erase all the benefits of the time off.
As a perfect closure of the day we went to take a stroll on the beach; walking along the path just off LAX airport due south through Manhattan Beach until reaching Hermosa Beach Pier exposed us to a multitude of surfers and happy beach campers busy in enjoying every moment of a soon closing summer season. Continue reading “One dollar sunset”

NOLA…The land of sinners and saints

It’s always nice to get a long and decent layover (two night’s stay if you’re lucky) while you’re working or flying for a living in my case. It’s even better when it happens to be in the festive city of New Orleans and you get the chance to bring someone along for the fun!

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