Friday Favorites # 10

Hi everyone, I am back again with my new series I share every week with all of you. We are on episode #10 and these are my top picks of the week in the F category … F like … Friday. Food, Foto, Fun, Fashion, Ferry, Find.

FIND- This looks appealing especially since we have no t.v. (still deciding what we want to get) and our house is wide open with not much on the walls yet.  It would be great to do yoga in an open space in a different part of the house or move to an outdoor patio for movies al fresco.

FILMFox’s new show LA>Vegas looks like a good laugh. The premise is about an airline crew that goes back and forth to Vegas from Burbank and encounters a variety of crazy passengers along the way. It stars Dylan McDermott as the Captain! Check out the trailer.

I bet I could give the writers episode ideas.

FOOD–  olio piccante  (chili oil) the perfect home-made condiment to put on pizza, pastas, rice, bread or anything where you need a little or big kick. I used tiny dried whole Calabrian peperoncini  but you could use any dried or fresh pepper variety and split them in half and added them to the pretty jar followed by a high quality earthy extra virgin olive oil.

FUN– Having fun being the co-handyman to Alessandro as we install various lighting fixtures throughout the house.


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites # 10

  1. I like your blog , sometimes it’s better to put down the tv remote and read a book. Ale is pretty handy to have around, I like the Edison bulbs, looks sharp. Your pictures always look sharp. You and Ale could be writing stories for upcoming shows on Las Vegas in your spare time.

  2. I like that film projector! It would be fun to watch a movie outside on the patio under the stars. Can you do that with streaming movies from your devices?
    Great pendant lights!! Your place is really progressing along.

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