Friday Favorites # 15

We’re back on the blog after taking time off to be with Alessandro’s parents who were visiting us from Italy! We ate lots of homemade Italian food (thanks Mamma Lella!), walked around the marina and canals close to our home, went to the beach and enjoyed their company.

Fun– Hiked this short but intense Chumash Trail with my Dad. It’s just two hours round trip at a steep incline. Best part was climbing th American flag at the peak overlooking Point Mugu Navy base.

Family– Funny times between foreign families! Italian parents meeting the American ones with two translators in the middle to go back and forth!

Find– We made one of our favorite pictures of us walking the Brooklyn Bridge into a metal print to hang on the wall. Shutterfly did a nice job and this option is a nice sleek alternative to a traditional framed photo. They are offering 50% off right now with code word SUMMERTIME.

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites # 15

  1. Meg as you know we loved meeting Ale’s parents- they are terrific! Only thing was their visit was too short!
    Hope they return again soon.

    Your Brooklyn Bridge photo transferred onto the metal plate turned out great and I like where you hung it.

  2. Good hike , beautiful day, first half of the hike very steep great views of the ocean and point mugu navy base. The best part was being with my daughter. Loved meeting Ale’s parents,already knew that they’d be super knowing Alessandro, hope they’ll have more time next year to spend some time up in the mountains with us next year. Always love seeing that beautiful flag flying in the breeze.

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