Friday Favorites # 13

Hi everyone, I am back again with my new series I share every week with all of you. We are on episode #13 and these are my top picks of the week in the F category … F like … Friday. Food, Foto, Fun, Fashion, Ferry, Find.


Fun- Celebrating international yoga day and summer solstice outside at our new favorite daily yoga spot at the beach, Yoga by the Sea. You couldn’t have a better setting with bunnies hoping around, and palms swaying overhead while you reflect and stretch. Check out for free local yoga in your area.


Flick- Just watched Wizard of Lies which came out in May on HBO about the Bernie Madoff scandal/largest Ponzi scheme ever pulled off in America. Robert de Niro is uncannily mistaken for Madoff himself and Michelle Pfeiffer nails Ruth Madoff’s thick Queen’s accent. I just had Pfeiffer on a flight recently and she is still so youthful and beautiful and much different from the older Mrs. Madoff she played on screen.

Food- It’s cherry season! There are cherry stands popping up everywhere from farmstands to people selling them out of their truck roadside and this deep-dish pie from FOOD52 caught my eye. This Pistachio, Cherry and Chocolate Tart also looks good.

Find- This article about the Woman who made Anthony Bourdain a t.v. star was interesting especially since I just read his best-selling book Kitchen Confidential : Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly. He leaves no gaps in your imagination as he details the good, the bad, and the ugly of serving people and running a kitchen.  I have to say I have so much respect for the people in the restaurant and food industry especially now that the general public demands so much more, thanks to the foodie-culture and fine dining and critiquing that became everyone’s full-time hobbies, seemingly overnight.