Friday Favorites # 9 (Italian Food edition)

Hi everyone, I am back again with my new series I share every week with all of you. We are on episode #9 and these are my top picks of the week in the F category … F like … Friday. Food, Foto, Fun, Fashion, Ferry, Find.

FOOD– The best midday snack after a motorcycle ride around Lake Como & Lecco at Piadineria Biribrò.  Go see Ambra (pictures below right) and the other ladies for the tastiest piadina around located in a quaint little piazza with views of the surrounding snow-capped Alps in Lecco


FUN– Enjoying an aperitivo the Italian way with a spritz (the quintessential Northern Italian cocktail) at Terrazza Aperol bar adjacent to the Duomo in Milano. The aperol spritz is a riff on the original spritz created in Venice of just white wine and soda water. The vibrant color and slight bitterness of the aperol makes this the perfect not sweet and not too bitter or strong drink of choice for aperitivos in Italy.

To enjoy your own colorful happy hour drink at home:

Mix: 3 parts Prosecco

2 parts Aperol

1 part soda

Pour over ice and garnish with an orange slice



FAMILY FESTIVITIES – Birthdays in Italy are much tastier! Cheers to prosecco and a torta di mela (apple pie) and to Alessandro

FIND- Brought back two checked luggage full of Italian wine including my favorite prosecco, grappa, olive oil, pasta, Parmigiano Reggiano, homemade Calabrian chili oil (Thank you Melania & family), and many more goodies. With two full trunks we only lost 1 bottle of Aperol Spritz.


Just like down the street in Italy

It’s always a joy and a surprise when we have the chance to breath a little of Italy around here.

While driving along the 101 north on our little road trip, happened to divert from the freeway and stop by a little caffe in Santa Barbara known by Meghan. The plan was just to get a coffee, a real espresso in this petit business almost invisible and quietly merged into the little little strip of 6-8 other shops and I have to say that if you don’t know it you don’t see it.

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first-timer in New York: top things to see & do with 4 days in the “Big Apple”

If you’ve never been to New York City it can be quite an intimidating place. You’d probably want to map it out and see what you’d like to hit the days you’ll be there since there’s so many things to do and see. Here are some tips and some direction if you have just three or four nights like we did.

If you can bear the weather, go during wintertime and you’re likely to save significantly as hotels are much cheaper during the week and during the winter months. We stayed at Park Central Hotel and were really pleased. Continue reading “first-timer in New York: top things to see & do with 4 days in the “Big Apple””


Invited last minute to a neighborhood dinner we had to solve the usual dilemma… what should we bring?

Some ideas were: wine? appetizers? or dessert?
Dessert: a cake? a pie? ice cream?
And finally the answer: we’ll do it our self!

The ultimate choice ended up to be a Tiramisù: quick, easy and definitely of high effect. Continue reading “Tiramisù”