Friday Favorites #7

Hi everyone, I am back again with my new series I share every week with all of you. We are on episode #7 and these are my top picks of the week in the F category … F like … Friday. Food, Foto, Fun, Fashion, Ferry, Find.

FASHION- I love how Dolce & Gabbana’s ad campaigns transport you right to Southern Italy and beautifully capture so much color and vibrancy that is the Italian, and specifically in this picture below, Capri Island culture. I especially love how they typically incorporate food in their print shots- gelato, lemons, oranges, seafood, but this spaghetti print dress nailed it, artistically! Take a look at their visually appealing publicity campaign from current and past seasons it’s a real feast for the eyes.

{image via}

Above grainy picture is my own taken at a Dolce & Gabbana boutique in Honolulu (love how relevant the pineapple top and bag are In Hawaii)

FUN– I found this article written by a British Airlines flight attendant, and every single tip was spot-on funny!  Click on over to know what 21 things passengers should stop doing on an airplane.

FIND– Mixing it up on my hour-plus car-ride home today and diving  into this interesting new podcast called S-Town  The premise is about a man who calls a reporter to come investigate a small town in Alabama where a possible murder has been covered up. The main character is quite mysterious and I’ll be interested to know more. I tackled two of the 12 chapters and I’m hoping my drives will be a lot easier with interesting material to listen to.