Wine on Wednesday #3 

Back again today with publication #3 of I Live Italian new periodic series Wine on Wednesday. I’d like to redirect you to Wine on Wednesday #1 for the few words describing what are we trying to accomplish with this series.
Here is then our little game “what do you smell and what do you taste” focused on..

APOTHIC DARK, California blend

The Dark is one of the 3 versions of the Apothic (slowly slowly we’ll visit ’em all) made  with grapes mainly coming from Lodi a northern town of California. As all the brothers by the same winemaker it results quite sweet and jammy; not everyone, especially wine experts, will go crazy for it but the success obtained in the past year shows that general public likes it. Not one of our top selection but we definitely enjoy it especially trying to identify every time a new flavor.

Looking at the label, you can easily consider it an “Halloween spooky bottle” with a black spirit inside trapped by the cork.


To the eye (sight): very dark and dense in color. While pouring into the glass looks like a black opaque ink is flowing from the bottle to the goblet.

To the nose (smell): blueberries and dark berries. Hints of spices with smell of coffee and dark chocolate.

To the mouth (taste): velvety and smooth taste of blackberry; after few moments the smokiness of the roasted coffee and oak comes on the top of the mouth and ends into the nose.

To the tongue (finishing): low in tannin, the dark reveals intense and long lasting flavor of the blackberry and elderberry marmalade

Easily found at every local grocery store, just to indicate how popular this wine became, for a more than honest price ranging between $7,99 to $9,99 and almost every time subject to sales. 

Drink and enjoy responsibly but don’t forget to leave a comment telling us what you think about it, see you soon! Don’t forget to suggest any wine you like out of your cellar, we will try it!

Wine on Wednesday #1

Well here we are, publication #1 of I Live Italian new periodic series Wine on Wednesday.

Just few words before starting: With the new home and little more of “our own space and time” we started enjoying now and then a nice glass of wine while playing the game of: “what do you smell and what do you taste”. That’s right if you see it as a game there’s no right or wrong (as it definitely is supposed to be) and results may vary among different person.

Definitely not sommelier of any kind we use little own resources, knowledge and a lot of fun trying to recall which memory a wine is bringing to your nose and taste. Reading here and there I came across the idea that all the tasting is based on memories of flavors we encounter along the life path, how can you recognize a pear flavor in a Chardonnay if you’ve never tasted a pear? On more advanced sommelier courses your nose and mouth is trained to recognize smells and flavors using sets of scents to get acquainted to them.

Nothing fancy in this series, just our little game “what do you smell and what do you taste” extended to all of you. Looking forward to read your comments about the result of your own game!

Now, here we go:


Today’s wine is the Onx Moon, a Dark Red Blend produced exclusively for Trader Joe’s in the Northern California regions. It’s been awhile since we’ve tried it for the first time and we loved it.

To the eye: as a full body wine the color doesn’t hide a deep and intense red with purple shades

To the nose: blueberries, cherries and spices. Maybe a note of mint.

To the mouth: sweet flavors of dark cherries, blackberries, plum with spices and mocha.

To the tongue: not an high tannin wine but with a persisting dark berries taste.

As mentioned it’s found only at Trader Joe’s wine section for a reasonable price $6,99.

Drink and enjoy responsibly but don’t forget to leave a comment telling us what you think about it, see you next week!

W.. like Wednesday or Wine?

Well Why not to Wind down on Wednesday With Wine?

I Live Italian is proud to announce that we have in the shop a new periodic: Wine on Wednesday aka W.

On W I’ll post about our most favorite “W“… Wine obviously on Wednesday!
Just a quick release to try to give a suggestion for a nice bottle to pop open and enjoy with your best partner: girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, even your cat, dog or Kermit the frog.

Wine, Food and Music

Are you into wine (the good wine I’m talking about), food and music?
Then this event is just for you!

From Friday April 28th to Friday September 29th every last Friday of the month.
Events start at 6pm and end at 9pm. Food and music available 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Strey Cellars and Magnavino; both excellent winemakers in Oxnard CA, will join their effort to entertain you with a food  truck located between their tasting rooms, two bands and obviously good wine.

<<I Live Italian knows personally the Strey Cellars owners and every wine out of their list is fabulous, many thanks to Katie and Scott for having informed of this event, will be there!>>

What (is boiling in the pot)?
Every event will be characterized by a different food theme. All of them indicated into the flyer.

Everything will happen in the space between the two tasting rooms located at 951 and 961 North Rice Ave, Oxnard, CA 93030.


Looking forward to seeing some of I Live Italian’s followers and friends with a nice glass of wine in a hand!!

And as usual, comment and let us know yours about it!

Spaghetti Ubriachi or … Drunk Spaghetti

I Live Italian this time wants to bring you an eccentric dish, some kind of spaghetti preparation which will lead your friend to say: “what??” and trust me I’ve heard it different times.

If you want to surprise your dinner invitees why don’t attempt to prepare something different?

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