Wine on Wednesday #4

Another Wednesday and another wine discovered. Looking forward to the next week, having my parents here in the States will for sure lead us to pop open a couple of bottles we have spotted.. So .. Meghan prepare yourself. As usual I send you to the #1 post of this periodic to read what I try to accomplish with Wine on Wednesday and the tasting we do seen as a game.

In the last post I’ve talked about a California red blend so this week I thought about a white, undecided between a Chardonnay and a Sauvignon Blanc I basically let the bottle label make the selection. My eyes got definitely caught by the bright orange, interesting and funny sticker on this “It’s a HeadSnapper”, 2016 Marlborough, Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

To the eye (sight): decise pale color with light yellow reflex

To the nose (smell): as every Sauvignon the citrusy notes are the first to hit the nose, a grapefruit touch followed by a kiwi scent is is the last marked smell we caught.

To the mouth (taste): a mineral initial grapefruit taste leaves room to some peach notes and lychees. Green apple, just a hint.

To the tongue (finishing): as quite dry wine as it is, the fruity characteristics will persist on the back of the tongue, especially a tangy lime flavor.

Found by chance at our local Von’s, looks like the “It’s a HeadSnapper” isn’t that really unknown. Researching online, emerged that in the past this bottle had a great market, just declined a little lately but still pretty common to be found at your local store.

Bought on sale for $11,99 its  average price varies between $10,99 to $14,99.

What food to pair? Amazing with cheese as appetizer, seafood and chicken but of course with Thai food as well.

Don’t forget to comment and throw some suggestion for a future tasting.

One thought on “Wine on Wednesday #4

  1. Love the label too! They are beautiful works of art in miniature. Sounds like a good wine for summer evenings. Enjoy your parents visit!

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